Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I need this!

I dropped by the local discount hardware store, hoping to find some good paving stones for the backyard...tomorrow I plan to do some major work on the backyard, reseed some bald patches, dig up the soil around the edges, lay some fertilizer and hopefully start a garden. (I say hopefully - I am a notorious brown-thumb who could probably kill a silk plant.) Since it was right next to Goodwill, of course I had to stop in there as well.

I...love...Goodwill. I really do. Though in general I seem to lack that stereotypical female shopping gene, I can spend a long time browsing through the Goodwill. You just never know what little treasures you might find. And when I found this particular treasure, I knew immediately that (a) I had absolutely no need for it; and (b) I wasn't leaving the store without it.

A chalkboard, and a rather big one at that. It was about three foot by four foot, with a wooden frame and the green slate I remember from my childhood. Just being near it evoked memories of my childhood and a faint smell of chalk dust. Do you know, the chalkboard is already obsolete in the classroom? I've been to my son's classes. They all use dry-erase boards now. With those smelly markers. It just doesn't compare.

So I loaded it, with great difficulty, into my little Dodge Neon and drove it home, relying entirely on side mirrors as it effectively obscured my rear view. I lovingly placed it in my son's room, who was duly happy to have it. Armed with a fresh piece of chalk, I stood thoughtfully before it, and in a tribute to my school days, christened it with a right triangle and the equation, a = 1/2(bxh).

Duncan stepped up with his piece of chalk and added, "My mom is a poophead."

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